Pears melt and pour soap base, used for the manufacture of crystal clear soap bars.
Creative soap making is easy and enjoyable with our high quality melt & pour soap bases. Our natural melt & pour soap bases have a rich creamy lather and due to their high glycerin content they leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. They are sold to many soap manufacturers & exporters who melt the soap and add Soap Additives, Colour, Botanical Extracts, Essential Oils or Fragrances, so that they produce beautiful soaps with minimal equipment and preparation.
The varieties of Pears  soap bases developed by the company are popular among importers for soap making. All are refined from imported plant refined oils and natural glycerin and do not contain triethanolamine. They feature rich foam, mild nature and high transparency with stable quality even in high temperature (the color does not change at 85 ℃ for 48 hours). 

Eco-Friendly + Concious Community

Here at Leela Company, we believe in intentional skincare from start to finish. This means selecting the ingredients that are traceable and sustainable, sourcing recyclable and biodegradable packaging, developing in-house research + development capabilities and producing & packaging in our own modern facilities.
* Vegan + Organic
Leela  Company is dedicated to bring you products that are vegan + organic minimizes your exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.
* Cruelty Free
Cruelty-free products don’t just help animals. They are healthier for you to use as well. We never tested on Animals.* Thickener and Waste Free
All of the soaps we make are free of any thickening agents or waste powder material. So our soaps consist of effective ingredients and the working life is long.* Sulfate + Paraben + Alcohol Free
Conventional skin care products are filled with synthetic ingredients, synthetic parabens + preservatives that do little to truly nourish and heal our skin. We are dedicated to creating products that enrich your whole life. Mind, body + soul—with skincare made from real, recognizable, simple, natural ingredients.
Product Description
• Vegetable based • Excellent foaming and lather • Good moisturising • Not easy to soften • Superior colour stability even if kept at a high temperature for extended periods • High yielding rate of finished soap products • Alcohol free, preservatives free • Well diaphaneity • Melting Point: 60±1°C • Setting Point: 40±1°C • Relative Humidity Tolerance: 80±3% RH • pH Value: pH8.2~8.6 (melted state)
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