• Our Lavender Essential oil is 100% pure, natural and premium grade, steam distilled from lavender flowers. Has no additives, is free of any adulterants and is highly concentrated.
  • Do not be fooled with cheap synthetic aroma oils. Most of the competition dilute their essential oil with cheap carrier oils or use synthetic aroma oils. We use 100% pure, premium grade essential oils.
  • Our Lavender Essential oil has a sweet floral aroma. Use our Lavender essential oil to improve sleep quality, calm the mind, unwind stress & boost overall skin health.
  • Multiple benefits and uses: use it with skin-friendly carrier oils or mix it with skincare and hair care products for topical use, Use in aroma diffusers to purify air and to enjoy the fragrance, to DIY scented candles and soaps, or for steam inhalation, as spa massages, cleaning surfaces and home care; it is also an ideal gift for your beloved ones