Product Description
Basil Tulsi Essential oil can be blended with base oil by proper percentage for body and face massage with different efficacys like
whitening, double moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti- acne and so on
body oil
1. After cleansing the skin, apply an appropriate amount of essential oil to the whole body or part of the skin. 2. Massage with
appropriate strength until absorbed.
Relaxing body, Massage & scraping, Improve dull skin, Brighten skin tone
Parts Used
Method of Extraction
Steam Distillation
Color and Appearance
Pale yellow to amber color
Sweet, spicy, fresh
Shelf Life
3 year(s) or longer if stored properly

Used and Benefits:- 

It is used for inhalation in baths and for massages and aroma-therapies. Since it is both cold and warm in nature, it has the invigorating effect that is very beneficial for sluggish skin when it is used in the bath or is smoothed over the body. It also helps in pepping up blood circulation in the body.

It has been used as a filler with other vital herbs to reduce odors – both bodily and atmospheric.

Since ancient times, Basil is a sacred plant in India and both the plant and its oil are used in Ayurveda medicines. 

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Payment term
 Western Union, Paypal
Delivery date
2 to 5 days after receiving the payment.
Main clients
1) India, America, Australia, France, Dubai, Turkey, Russia and South Africa.
2) cosmetics company, beauty salon and spa