Green Apple Fragrance Oil

Green apple fragrance oil for body wash shampoo soap fragrance oil essential custom fragrance

Apple essential oil has a strong beauty and skin care effect, but due to its high purity, it is not suitable for direct application on the skin. Generally, a few drops of Apple essential oil can play a very good effect in the face wash, bath water, foot wash water, or in skin care products. It can also play a very good role in the head and brain

Green apple essential oil has a unique function of and odor removal with oxygen. It has a fresh and sweet fruit fragrance, and a light fruit fragrance. It’s refreshing and natural. I can’t help but want to have a kiss with you. Generally speaking, Apple has certain curative effect on environmental protection and skin care in the body. It has the function of whole intestines. It can secrete organic acids to regulate intestinal peristalsis and improve anorexia