Products Description
White Musk
Product name
100% Pure White Musk Essential Oil 1000ml Natural White Musk Oil Musk Perfume
Works with diffusers, air fresheners or humidifiers; ideal for aromatherapy, Body massage, perfume, blends, spa and home care, cleaning products.
Therapeutic grade
Efficacy function
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-aging, prevent red blood, anti-dandruff, moisten and moisturize, relieve
pressure, relax mood, anti-depression
Manufacturing Technique
Fragrances bring another layer to Life, they enhance every day’s experience
* We can imitate everything you want , our advantages are very clear. please believe us.
* We shape 100% concentrate cosmetic fragrance oil with the highest levels of creativity, performance and naturality to bring the most memorable moments to caring, cleaning and perfuming, sustainably
Liquid detergent,detergent powder,floor cleaning,candle,wet wipes,shampoo,soap,shower gel,dish washing,cosmetics,air freshener…
Payment term
 Western Union, Paypal
Delivery date
2 to 5 days after receiving the payment.
Main clients
1) India, America, Australia, France, Dubai, Turkey, Russia and South Africa.
2) cosmetics company, beauty salon and spa